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*Get 3 months free SMILE Premium subscription with a purchase of DNA-MILE test kit (S$399).


DNA-MILE test kit* combined with SMILE Premium enables you to discover your child’s unique learning journey to help unlock their educational potential.

• Identify your child’s dominant intelligences and learning inclinations.
• Safe, easy and reliable testing. A child-safe, saliva-based test with 99.9% accuracy.
• 3 simple steps.
• Get results in 4 weeks.
*DNA-MILE test kit sold separately.

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What You’ll Get With Our App

Milestone Tracker and Progress Report

• Milestone tracking and progress dashboard features help monitor progress on all child development areas.
• Celebrate child’s milestones achievement at each developmental stage.
• Identify your child’s strengths and area of improvement.
• Receive early screening recommendations informed by population data.

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Personalised Tips & Activities

• 1000+ Holistic activities targeting all development areas: Social emotional, Motor, Musical, Intellectual, and Language skills.
• Receive weekly tips & activities customised on child’s age, developmental stage and progress.

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DNA-MILE Report and AI-powered Personalized Plan

• Get DNA analysis report of your child’s multiple intelligences after DNA-MILE test.
• Discover your child’s dominant intelligence(s) and take advantage of your child’s inherited strengths by leveraging them to enhance the area of improvement.
• Access to AI-powered plan with activities personalized to age, stage, progress, and inherited strengths to apply differentiated instruction and enhance early learning potential and outcome.

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Expert-led Parenting Workshops

• Engage with our early childhood experts for guidance and insights into your child’s development.
• Access to expert-led parenting workshops and classes.

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Come SMILE With Us

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SMILE is an early child development app designed to maximize children’s holistic growth through personalized learning guides, powered by genetics and robust AI analytics. SMILE derived from the 5 key areas of child development: Social, Motor skills & Music, Intellectual, Language, Emotional Development.

SMILE caters to parents, caregivers, and educators who aim to foster holistic child development from infancy to preschool years.
SMILE is the app that can you can rely when you are:

• a new parent who wants to know the developmental progress of your child.
• looking for interesting activity ideas which can also help to enhance quality bonding time with your child. There are over 2,000 activities for effective differentiated learning and development.
• seeking solutions to address a particular developmental challenge with your child. With SMILE, you are also able to connect with early childhood experts for more advice and recommendations.
• an educator who is interested in tracking developmental milestones of the students and receive analytical reports
• seeking solutions to implement differentiated education in the classroom
• looking for online classes and workshops specially curated to you by our parenting and childhood developmental experts.

New features are constantly being added to help parents/caregivers/educators to be the best they can be for the child. Parents can celebrate and cherish their child's milestones by creating a gallery of photos and videos on their dedicated account.

Basic SMILE app can be downloaded at no cost.

There are 3 plans available • SMILE : Free to download with basic features • SMILE+ : S$ 8 paid month-to-month or , S$ 48 paid once a year • SMILE Premium : S$ 16 paid month-to-month or , S$ 96 paid once a year

SMILE is an app designed for tracking children's developmental milestones, monitoring their developmental progress, and providing personalized and differentiated activities. It helps parents and educators stay informed and take action regarding a child's growth and development.

DNA-MILE (DNA-based Multiple Intelligences Evaluation), is a one-time assessment that is a one-time assessment that generates a comprehensive report detailing an individual's multiple intelligences profile. This evaluation provides valuable insights into a person's strengths and dominant areas of intelligence, facilitating personalized and differentiated education planning.