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Personalized Child Learning Through Robust AI-powered Analytics:

Genetic Information

Developmental Milestones Tracking

Learning Progress Data

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Milestone Tracking

Learning milestone tracking for the first 6 years.


Personalized by age, developmental stage, genetic predisposition and learning progress.

Holistic Growth

AI-powered personalized plan with 2000+ activities for effective learning and development.

Leverage Strengths

Take advantage of strengths to support areas of improvement more efficiently.

Expert Workshops

Join online classes and workshops taught by parenting experts.

Expert Consultation

Connect with early childhood experts for more advice and recommendations.

Give what your child needs to help them develop holistically.

• 2000+ personalized activities for preschoolers (age 6 and below)
• Celebrate milestones, track progress.
• Learn about your child’s dominant intelligences and unique learning inclinations with our DNA-MILE test.
• Receive an AI-powered personalized plan for effective early learning.
• Expert-led workshops.

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